Christianity Explored

What is Christianity Explored?

Christianity Explored is a 7 session course which provides people with an opportunity to look at the basics of the Christian message in a relaxed, informal setting.

The course is based on the Bible’s account of Jesus’ life written by Mark, one of the very first followers of Jesus. It gives people an opportunity to investigate Christianity for themselves by looking at three key questions:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did He come?
  • What does that mean for me?

There is usually one session each week/fortnight which includes an evening meal. The course is free of charge and we provide each attendee with a Bible and introductory DVD.

Who is it for?

Christianity Explored is for anyone who’s prepared to look into the message and claims of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter whether you know anything or nothing at all about Christianity, all you need is the willingness to find out more.  We promise that we won’t ask you to pray, read aloud or sing – but we also promise that there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and take part in the discussion if you would like to.

For more details on all our Christianity Explored courses, contact Simon Robinson on (01473) 422965.

To find answers to questions frequently raised about Christianity visit out Commonly Asked Questions section.