We occasionally have baptismal services in which someone who has become a Christian makes a public announcement of their faith and is baptised.

The Bible teaches that baptism is the first step in obeying Jesus Christ after we make a commitment to follow Him. Baptism is a way of communicating to the world that we have become a Christian and that Jesus is now the number one priority in our lives—that from now on, we are building our lives around Him.

Normally baptism takes place by immersing someone in water as part of a public service. You can be baptised in a river, the sea or a swimming pool, but many churches, like our own, have a specially-built pool in the church.

Baptism is symbolic. There is nothing special about the water or the people who conduct the service – it is simply an outward sign of an inward change of heart. It signifies the end of our old life without Jesus Christ and the beginning of a new life in Jesus, with all the wrong in our lives “washed clean” by Him.

After a person has been baptised, they become a committed member of the church.  Baptismal services also include prayers, songs and a talk similar to normal Sunday services, and are usually followed by lunch (which everyone is welcome to attend).

We understand that people often have questions about baptism and if you have any, please do not hesitate to ask us—we will do our best to answer them.

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