Digging Deeper for Women



Digging Deeper for Women (DD4W) is our daytime Bible study group specifically for women.  As with the evening Digging Deeper groups, DD4W provides an opportunity to meet together and discuss God’s Word.  We seek to apply the Bible to our daily lives and to support one another.  DD4W begins with an optional coffee time before the study and there is an opportunity to pray together at the end of each session.   Young children are welcome and there is a crèche every week during the study time.

Further Info

  • DD4W runs each Tuesday morning during term-time. The group meets at 9.15am for coffee/tea and then from 9.45-11am for the Bible study.
  • DD4W also puts on termly evening social events which are open to all women (for details of these, please contact Sheri).
  • The group is led by Sheri Newton, Christine Robinson, and Debbie Cook.

To find out more information please contact Sheri by calling (01473) 685395.