In addition to our Sunday morning services, we have regular communion services which are open to all.  These include songs, prayers, a short reflective talk and, for those who are baptised Christians in good standing with a local church, communion itself.  Taking communion is a special opportunity for those who are trusting in Jesus to remember and reflect on his death on the cross by eating bread and drinking wine.  The wine served at communion is non-alcoholic.

Our Communion services are normally held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 4.30pm.  The service is followed by sandwiches, cake and other refreshments which gives us a further opportunity to meet with each other.  There are also occasional morning communion services at 10am before our main meeting at 11am. Find out when our next Communion Service is.

There is a crèche during each communion service for children up to around 6 years old.

Find out more information on normal Sunday services and what to expect if you come along.